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Jennifer Cooley

Organizational Consulting + Leadership Development
Facilitating growth and productivity of individuals, teams, and organizations. 
Coaching + Career Planning

Individualized approaches to goal-setting, personal effectiveness, and accountability. Particular focus on people who are managing career transitions.

Training Development +
Communication = Performance

Cohort-based programs and ad hoc training solutions customized and delivered interactively for new managers, leadership teams, emerging leaders, and individual contributors. Topics include behavioral styles, conflict handling, emotional intelligence, and the fundamentals of setting expectations, effective feedback, and mutual accountability.

 Growth + Strategic 

Problem solving, strategy development, and tactical planning in support of organizational goals. Passion for strengthening culture by aligning intent with action.

My Services
My Approach

My development initiatives are grounded in business principles, marketing expertise, and the fundamentals of human behavior. We operate at three primary levels, each of which has a direct impact on overall efficiency and effectiveness - the Individual, the Team, and the Organization.

About me

Are you looking for someone to care about your business as much as you do? To take a practical but sensitive look at you and your organization?

As an Organizational Development Consultant, I thrive on opportunities to share knowledge, problem-solve, and facilitate the sustained growth and success of my clients, partners, and students.

How can I help?

If you are facing a dilemma, think your organization could do better or just want to kick things up a notch, get in touch with me to set up a consultation. My focus is finding solutions that fit your organizations needs and, if I can't help, odds are I know someone who can. 


Is your organization on a path for continued growth + success?


Are your leaders informed  + aligned with your strategic goals?


Does your culture create the candor for innovation + collaboration?


Are your decisions + investments maximizing your employees' contributions?


What worries you? Are you leaving opportunity on the table?

Together we can take your organization, your team and you to the next level.  Contact me today. You'll wonder why you didn't made the investment sooner.

Jennifer has been a fantastic mentor to me for the past five years. While we worked together I, along with several other co-workers, would actively seek her advice on job related challenges or look forward to her input during company meetings. Once we no longer worked together, I learned just how talented she is as a career coach as she assisted me in my job search. I am extremely grateful for her advice and highly recommend Jennifer as a mentor/coach.
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